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Your dream candidate is just around the corner.

Eclipse has access to some of the most skilled professionals available in the in the most diverse industries. Experienced, talented, and trained workers are hard to find but our networking, marketing, connections within our communities, advocacy for youth and minority programs, and constant advertising have optimized our recruitment approach to identify trustworthy and lasting matches for your business.
We have established a thorough interview and screening process for those  applying to Eclipse.  Our recruiters identify each worker’s key skills, work experience, aspirations, and assess their potential for our clients. Our goal is to recruit the best and assign those workers who will add value to your operation.  Upon written client request, potential candidates can be screened for varying criteria related to criminal background and drug screenings so that our criteria matches that of our clients.
Besides qualifications, and experience Eclipse workers are always coached in being professional in appearance, possessing clear communication skills, and understanding the position for which we match them with. Eclipse has high standards that exceed the exacting specifications of our clients.  Our workers are properly attired in accordance to your companies dress code or uniforms establishing a consistent appearance.  
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