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Why You Should Already Be Creating Your Holiday Staffing Plan

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start creating your holiday staffing plan. Although it’s still summer for a few more days, we all know how the end of the year goes; Fall arrives and then before we know it, the major holidays are upon us. With several challenges poised to upset holiday staffing, you don’t want to be caught short-handed during a busy time of year.

On an “average” year, staffing during the holidays can be stressful. But considering this year has been anything but average, we know that the best way to be prepared will be to get ahead. Here are some of the challenges we can anticipate that will impact staffing in the last couple months of 2021.

Continuation of new COVID cases and the Delta variant

Although more than 50% of the U.S. is vaccinated, new COVID cases are on the rise. Plus, the emergence of the Delta variant is adding to the concerns surrounding another shutdown. Even though 2021 has shown us more normalcy in our lives, extra precautions will have to be taken this holiday season to curb the spread of the virus.

Mass hiring from big name brands

All the holiday seasons in recent years have included mass hiring by big name brands like Amazon, Target, and FedEx. This year, we can add the United States Postal Service to the list as they try and improve on the slower shipping times we experienced last year. These companies are looking to hire well over 200,000 employees (combined) to account for the busy time of year. Coupled with the hiring challenges we’ve been experiencing throughout 2021, it’s likely that the hiring shortage will continue long into 2022.

Speaking of slower shipping times...

We’re all familiar with the shipping issues we’ve been facing over the past several months, and it’s not just in the U.S. Experts report that “the disruption to global supply chains is getting worse, spurring shortages of consumer products and making it more expensive for companies to ship goods where they're needed.” (Via CNN) Besides raising prices, these delays likely mean an even greater need to hire extra workers as companies try to ship out goods as quickly as possible.

The longer you wait to create your holiday staffing plan, the more challenging it will become. Consider this: if your competition has already begun planning, they’ll have the upper hand and you might miss out on great talent. When drafting your holiday staffing plan, here are some points to consider for attracting job seekers:

  • Candidates will be prioritizing a flexible schedule.

  • Offering employment passed the holidays may attract more job seekers.

  • Career growth and learning new skills are top reasons why employees stay at their job.

If you need assistance with staffing for the holidays, reach out to a trusted partner like Eclipse. We offer the flexibility and growth job seekers want, while helping clients reduce costs associated with hiring. Contact us today.

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