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Jobs in Indiana Hiring Right Now

Are you looking for great jobs in Indiana hiring right now? If you answer yes, you’re in a fortunate position because the current employment market favors the job seeker. This means is that there are more available jobs than there are people seeking employment. This gives job seekers the upper hand, because it allows them to be more particular when choosing who (and when and where) they work for.

Despite the weather cooling down, Fall is a great time to be looking for a side gig. Major sports like football, basketball, and hockey are back in action. There are major conferences going on across the country. Concerts and live events continue to pick back up as more people are comfortable navigating the pandemic. There’s a lot of opportunities for candidates looking for fun, flexible work throughout Indiana.

If you’re seeking jobs in Indiana hiring right now, look no further than Eclipse. Eclipse Staffing and Security has been operating in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas since 2011. We were founded by Michelle Coy and are proud members of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). Eclipse specializes in building and event security, guest services, roving patrols, parking services, general laborers, and janitorial services. Eclipse also provides general staff for sporting events, conventions, concerts and other special events in arenas, stadiums, conventions, parks and parking garages around the state.

One of the reasons employees choose Eclipse is because we offer flexible work. Employees can choose when they do or don’t work, and which clients they work with. If you want to supplement your current income or make sure you have a flexible work schedule to better prioritize other things, Eclipse is a great option. Here are four positions we’re hiring for right now:

Food Service Worker

An average food service worker has a wide range of duties that involve the preparation or serving of food and beverages. Necessary experience will depend on the specific position and client, but typically employees who have kitchen or restaurant experience make a great fit.

Pay rate: $20/hour Location: Edinburgh, IN Per diem: $50/day Schedule: Full time available

Game/Concert Janitor

Most are pretty familiar with janitorial responsibilities, but in case you aren’t, janitors are key in keeping facilities and venues in a clean, orderly, and good condition. For this position, Eclipse is seeking janitors to work at Indiana Pacers games and other events (like concerts) held at the stadium. Unless asked to use specific machinery, most janitorial specialists are entry level positions.

Pay rate: $12-$14/hour Location: Indianapolis, IN Schedule: Part time, evenings and weekends

Event Staff

When working as event staff, there are several different duties you could have – which is one of the best parts! Working an event comes with variety and oftentimes excitement, depending on what type of event you work. Currently we’re seeking employees for Customer Service, Crowd Control, Traffic Directors, and Ticket Takers.

Pay rate: $14/hour Location: Indianapolis, IN Schedule: Part time


As a licensed security guard company, we’re experienced in hiring and deploying security guards for a variety of clients. Security professionals are typically required to have previous experience to work in the position and are responsible for maintaining the safety of a business's valuable assets. For this position, security professionals will be asked to handle crowd control, secure the gates/doors, and provide a safe environment for attendees.

Pay rate: $14/hour Location: Indianapolis, IN Schedule: Part time

Working with Eclipse is the perfect opportunity for job seekers who want something flexible and fun. Whether you’re getting a behind the scenes look at a Pacers game, working security at a concert, or helping create a memorable experience for guests, gig work is a good way to make extra cash when you need it.

Eclipse is holding open interviews at our office, stop by to meet our team!

When: Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm Where: 4555 Allisonville Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46205 What to bring: 2 pieces of ID, valid photo ID

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