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Is Convention Work Right for You?

Convention work can be a great opportunity for candidates seeking the next step in their career. But what exactly does convention work entail? How do you know if you’re a good fit? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

What is convention work? Convention work can include a variety of responsibilities and daily tasks. Overall, convention workers provide support for attendees to make sure they have a great experience. This may include duties such as guest services, room monitoring, ticket taking, or other responsibilities assigned by your manager. Your full range of responsibilities will be determined by the size of the convention, what area you’re working in, and other details.

Is convention work right for you? Before we dive into whether convention work is right for you, we’ll share what qualities and experience employers typically look for in convention employees:

  • Great organizational skills. Being organized and thorough are key elements of a great convention employee – especially if you’re working a large convention.

  • People person. Conventions bring people together from various places, sometimes spread across the country. You’ll be engaging with visitors and other professionals while you help them navigate the event. It's important to be comfortable chatting with strangers to help make them feel comfortable and informed.

  • Flexibility. There are so many moving parts when organizing a convention. You may be asked to hop into a different position that needs additional help. Willingness to be flexible in what role you have can be beneficial and will make a good impression on management.

  • Excellent verbal communication. You may be the first point of contact when people arrive at the convention. Providing clear and concise communication will make a big difference when communicating with attendees.

If you have the qualities listed above, there’s a good chance that you’d be a great candidate for convention work. Here are some of the benefits to working in conventions:

  • There’s a ton of opportunity for where you work. Every major city has a convention center that’s often easily accessible by public transportation. A full events schedule means that you’ll have lots of opportunities to work.

  • You don’t have to commit full time. If you have other engagements or aren’t ready to fully dive in, convention work lends itself well to a part-time or temporary schedule.

  • Flex your independence. Sometimes convention employees work independently. This job is a good opportunity to learn how you like working alone vs working with a team.

  • Grow your career. If you don’t want to stick with convention work for the long run, that’s okay! Working as a convention specialist can help you learn valuable skills and grow the ones you currently have.

Do these benefits sound attractive to you? If so, you’d probably be a great fit for convention work! Did you know that Eclipse is currently hiring convention event staff? We’re staffing the following positions:

  • Credential checking

  • Room monitoring

  • Guest services

  • Security related operations

To learn more about available positions, visit our website.

ABOUT Eclipse Staffing + Security Eclipse is a full-facility services provider and specializes in building/event security and guest services, roving patrols, parking services, general laborers and janitorial services. Eclipse provides staff for sporting events, conventions, concerts and other special events in arenas, stadiums, conventions, parks and parking garages across central Indiana.

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