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Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Staffing Partner

When you’ve identified the need to partner with a staffing firm, finding the right company can sometimes feel like a daunting task. If the relationship is a success, your partner will help you access a diverse talent pool while meeting a variety of hiring needs. But if not, you may wind up choosing the wrong company to fulfill your goals, thus setting back your hiring efforts.

Fortunately, if you know the right questions to ask when choosing a staffing partner, you can find someone who is exactly that: a partner who shares your goals that you want to build a long-term relationship with. By asking these six questions, you can get a better understanding of your possible staffing partner and what they bring to the table.

Six important questions to ask when choosing a staffing partner

What’s your communication process like?

This should be one of the first questions you ask because it will determine how they interact with you and any workers they send on assignment. You should learn who your dedicated company representative will be (if any), what hours they work, how often they’ll be communicating with you about orders or other requests, and any other questions that paint a picture of the most important aspect of your relationship. Consider evaluating your own communication methods as well to ensure that the staffing partner receives orders in a timely manner and clearly understands your needs.

What’s your typical timeline for fulfilling a request?

The answer to this question is important, especially depending on the nature of your business. Will you often need workers last minute? If so, the ability to quickly accommodate requests is key in choosing a partner, so make sure you get that point across early on.

Do you have the bandwidth to accommodate my needs?

Despite what you may think, the ‘correct’ answer to this question isn’t an automatic yes. The staffing company you’re vetting should have questions about position, quantity, timeline, etc. before they can answer truthfully. Which leads us to our next question...

Can I expect transparency?

In the staffing industry, providing honesty and transparency to clients (and workers) is of utmost importance. Because staffing companies are providing people, it’s unlikely that every single request will be filled without a hitch, and your staffing partner should be up front about that. Providing transparency surrounding your requests – especially whether they can be fulfilled or not – is necessary for a successful partnership.

What does your candidate vetting process look like?

Before you ask this question, you should first think about if you have any requirements for screening and interviewing candidates. For example, do temporary workers need to have a specific background check or drug screening to work at your location? Are you looking for any certifications or special technical skills? Once you have the answers to those questions, you can see if their vetting process matches your own. Don’t be afraid to ask if they’re willing to accommodate your specific screening criteria.

What’s the billing structure like?

When you receive your invoice, there should be nothing on there that surprises you. Ask about things like overtime or time-and-a-half, whether or not you think it will come into play during your relationship.

The right staffing partner should be just as invested in the success of you and the workers as they are with themselves. By finding someone who provides open communication, transparency, and can address your needs, you’ll tap into a talented group of workers and take some of the pressure to hire off you and your team.

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