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How Working the Indy 500 Can Teach Your Employees Team Building Skills

As we head into Spring, there’s one major event the Eclipse team is especially excited for: The Indianapolis 500. In 2021, we were proud to be a staffing provider for The Biggest Spectacle in Racing and this year promises to be bigger and even more exciting.

Working at The Indy 500 is a great opportunity not just for event professionals, but also for entire teams who want to work on skill building and gain valuable, hands-on experience. But how would that work?

Regardless of where you work, every employee can learn from group activities. Here are some of the ways your team can benefit:

  • Shows each person how valuable they are to the organization as a whole

  • Helps employees work together better

  • Team members who don’t normally interact can get better acquainted

  • Form stronger relationships between employee/employer and employee/manager

  • Shows leadership working alongside (figuratively and literally) their employees

As staffing professionals, one thing we’ve noticed time and time again at large events is the comradery that forms amongst our workers. Some employees report that the relationships they form when working on temporary assignments are one of the main reasons they continue to work in the gig economy.

In addition to the benefits listed above, there’s one we haven’t talked about yet — you’ll (of course) get paid for working. So while team building, employees can also make some extra cash. Not to mention the opportunity to attend and get a look behind the scenes at one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

If working together doesn’t seem right for your team, then individual shifts may be the better option. You can still work in small groups if there are a few people you know who are interested, but there’s no pressure to gather the entire company together. Even if you work independently, you’ll still learn the valuable skills outlined above that can improve various aspects of your professional life.

Here are all the details we have so far for The Indy 500:

When: Sunday, May 29th (but there will be additional shifts throughout the week of the 23rd) Where: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Positions: Guest Services, Credential Checking, Gate/Cooler Checks, Snake Pit, Private Events

Help restore business in Indianapolis, make some extra cash, and get a front seat on the action! To apply, visit our website or swing by our office:

Eclipse Headquarters 4555 Allisonville Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46205 317-426-3696

ABOUT Eclipse Staffing + Security Eclipse is a full-facility services provider and specializes in building/event security and guest services, roving patrols, parking services, general laborers and janitorial services. Eclipse provides staff for sporting events, conventions, concerts and other special events in arenas, stadiums, conventions, parks and parking garages across central Indiana.

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