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How to Be Prepared for Busy Season as a Gig Worker

For many businesses, particularly in the northern half of the country, Memorial Day signifies the unofficial start of summer (despite its start date still being a few weeks away). And summer means busy season.

The summer is a great time for gig workers to make some extra cash. Busy season for Eclipse means concerts, special events, and a variety of other flexible options. Below, we’ll cover a few tips for making the most out of this exciting time of the year.

Make sure you have the proper uniform

Having a clean and polished uniform is a good way to make a great first impression with a client. Make sure you know all the details of your uniform requirements and if you have questions on whether a uniform piece is “correct,” don’t hesitate to ask.

Update your resume

If you’re looking for a new gig or simply want to see more shifts with Eclipse, be sure to update your resume so it reflects your most accurate and recent experience. We know showing all your experience as a gig worker can be tough, so here are some suggestions you can reference.

Brush up on your skills (or learn a new one!)

The more experience you have, the more work available to you. Consider spending some of your free time building on your current skills or learning a new one. YouTube (and other websites) can be extremely valuable resources!

Be mindful of your schedule

When picking up shifts, be mindful of your schedule so you don’t accidentally double book yourself (especially if you have multiple jobs). Keep a clear and concise schedule – we suggest having it on your phone for easy access – that you can reference when needed.

ABOUT Eclipse Staffing + Security

Eclipse is a full-facility services provider and specializes in building/event security and guest services, roving patrols, parking services, general laborers and janitorial services. Eclipse provides staff for sporting events, conventions, concerts and other special events in arenas, stadiums, conventions, parks and parking garages across central Indiana. Click here to apply.

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