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Why a Guest Services Gig Can Give You Great Work Experience

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In the hospitality and events industries, one of the most popular and vital positions you can work is guest services. This position is similar to a customer service role, but prioritizes the guest experience and how you can help improve it.

Whether they know it or not, most people have interacted with guest services especially if you frequent theme parks or sporting events. These customer-facing employees know what it takes to support guests needs in any way necessary, whether it’s by answering questions, accommodating requests, greeting guests, or a myriad of other responsibilities.

While most people are familiar with what guest services is, they may not know that working a guest services gig can provide job seekers with great work experience that can be beneficial for working other positions. Below we cover some of the ways working a guest services position can set you up for success and teach you valuable skills.

Improve Soft Skills

Because the main responsibility of this position is interacting with people, it’s a great time to work on your communication style and other soft skills. Communication is particularly important because it’s one of the most requested soft skills for hiring managers.

Another valuable soft skill you can learn is how to be adaptable. In this jack-of-all-trades position, adaptability is important if you’re asked to multi-task or help a colleague. Plus, a recent report shows that adaptability and flexibility are in-demand soft skill in 2021 because of the pandemic. By picking up useful soft skills during your time with guest services, you can make yourself a more attractive candidate and a better leader.

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look of Different Industries

As a guest services employee, you’ll likely get a “peek behind the curtain” of whatever industry you’re working in. In this position you need to be knowledgeable, so your manager will likely provide some behind-the-scenes information that will help you be more successful in your job. For example, if working guest services at a sporting event, you might learn where the VIP areas are so you can provide directions. This may also happen somewhat accidentally; maybe the employee entrance leads you through where the players enter and exit. Now you have inside scoop that others may not.

With this information, you can use it to shape what your career goals are. By working guest services for different industries, you can learn whether or not that industry is right for you.

Learn How to Problem Solve

Being a good problem-solver will be a valuable skill no matter what industry or job you work in. Problem solving is one of the main responsibilities of working in guest services and could also help you grow your creativity and ability to multi-task. By knowing how to tackle a problem, whether large or small, you can learn how to handle challenges as they arise – something most managers are eager to see in a candidate.

Working guest service gigs can include a lot of different tasks. While you might not always be sitting behind a desk answering questions, you’ll be able to engage in activities that will make you a better candidate or employee and teach you valuable skills. Consider finding a gig in guest services today.


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