• Michelle Coy

Can’t Get Motivated at Work? These 5 Tips Will Be the Spark You Need to Get Inspired

Some days at work are fantastic, while others are the exact opposite. And that’s okay! But what do you do when you can't get motivated at work?

Whether you’re bogged down with issues from your personal life or everything has simply gone wrong since you started your shift, it’s only natural to feel less-than-enthusiastic when things don’t go your way. However, you have a job to do, so no matter how discouraged you’re feeling, you must pick yourself up and find a way to stay motivated.

These five tips will help you get inspired to do your best work when the going gets tough:

Do Some Reflection

Instead of focusing on the negative parts of your day weighing you down, take a few minutes to think about what you like most about your job. On difficult days, it can be easy to lose sight of what made you want the job in the first place, so reminding yourself of the positives can make all the difference. If you need to take a few minutes to make a pros list (let’s leave the cons for when you’re looking for a new job), then do so.

Help Someone

Whether you lend a hand to a colleague without being asked or give a guest extra special treatment for no reason, bringing a smile to another person’s face is sure to make you feel better. Your level of drive is bound to increase when you witness your ability to have a positive impact on others.

Accept the Things You Can’t Control

Though it may sound a little cliché, it’s true. If your challenging day is due to factors beyond your control, stop sweating it and move on. You can’t do anything to change the course of events up until now, but you do have the power to make the best of it. Get motivated by reminding yourself you can turn this bad day around — and then do just that!

Talk to a Friend or Colleague

It always feels better to air your frustrations than it does to keep them inside. Keeping your frustration bottled up is toxic, so when you have a few free minutes, pull a trusted co-worker aside (or call a friend) and let it out. Sometimes letting go of your woes is all it takes to feel significantly better. After unburdening yourself, you’ll feel like a new person — refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges the rest of the day brings.

Find Something to Look Forward To

On tough days that just won’t end, you need something to look forward to after work ends. Use your break to make plans with family, friends, or colleagues who put a smile on your face. Having something fun to look forward to is sure to simultaneously boost your mood and level of drive for the rest of the workday.

We’re allowed to have bad days – it’s part of being human. But if you’re stuck in a rut, there’s no harm in using these tips to get your motivation up so you can get the job done.

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