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6 Gift Ideas to Give the Gig Worker in Your Life

When shopping for holiday gifts, are you the type of person who gets a head start in July or does it last minute right before the holiday? If you’re the procrastinator type and are still hunting for a great gift for the gig worker in your life, we can help! Here are 6 gift ideas to make your shopping experience a little easier.

Gift Cards Is this the easy way out? Maybe. Does everyone appreciate a gift card? Absolutely. Consider the typical gig worker; they probably travel for shifts (even if it’s just locally) and work long or unconventional hours. Gift cards for gas/public transit or coffee can make their work commute a little less expensive. If you don't want to give them a gift card that's not work related, consider getting one for a local restaurant they can try out.

Clear Bag or Purse If you're not familiar with the gig economy, this gift might seem really out of the box. But there are several popular venues, like sports stadiums or government buildings, that only allow employees to bring in clear bags. If your friendly neighborhood gig worker doesn’t already own a clear bag, giving them one might open more work opportunities – two gifts for the price of one! Check out Amazon for clear bags in different sizes and price ranges.

Reusable Water Bottle Gig workers on the go often carry snacks or drinks in their bags in case of a long shift. A trusty, reusable water bottle is a great way to ensure your favorite gig worker stays hydrated in an environmentally friendly and less expensive way. Reusable water bottles can be found at big name retailers, like Walgreens or Target, or at local shops.

Headphones This gift may cost a bit more, but a new set of headphones will surely put a smile on the face of any gig worker. If you can’t find anything in your price range, consider gifting them money toward a nice pair of wireless earbuds or high-quality headphones.

Non-Slip Shoes Non-slip or slip resistant shoes can be the difference in whether someone has a bad work accident. Experienced hospitality professionals know that even the best non-slip shoes get worn out over time, so wouldn’t it be great if they had an extra pair? All you need to know is their shoe size and then you’re on your way to buying a great gift. Here are some options for reliable and inexpensive slip resistant shoes.

Something They Wouldn’t Buy Themselves There are more than 50 million gig workers across the country, which means there are thousands of reasons people work in the gig economy. But typically, those reasons include making extra money for bills or saving up for a big purchase. So oftentimes they aren’t spending their paychecks on unnecessary personal items. If you have the ability and know what’s on their wish list, get your gig worker something they wouldn’t typically buy themselves.

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