• Michelle Coy

5 Reasons Employees Choose Eclipse as Their Side Gig

For 10 years, Eclipse has been operating in the security and staffing space, connecting hard working industry professionals with clients across Indianapolis. We’re fortunate to employ a diverse workforce who enjoy picking up shifts at a variety of events in security, events/conventions, janitorial, and other general staffing events.

If you’re looking for a side gig that allows you to make some extra money and have flexibility in your schedule, Eclipse is a great option. But don’t just take our word for it – here's what these workers had to say about their experience with Eclipse.

The hiring process was fast

“Applied on May 18th and was quick to put me to work...Been working every day since. Staff [are] very friendly and courteous... love working with these people.” – Bobby

They work well with management

“Excellent staffing and wonderful management. I recommend anyone to this job.” – Keoni

“I have had nothing but positive interaction with Eclipse Staffing, and I liked the flexibility and communication between staff and management. I would recommend their services all together!!!” – Drea

They’d recommend Eclipse to people they know

“Great Company! Would recommend to anyone!” – Wayland

“This company is awesome! Takes great care of their employees!” – Sophia

The shifts are flexible

“Flexible hours and weekly pay.” – Devi

“Awesome place to work. Flexible scheduling, weekly pay, fun work environment!” – Farrah

It’s a great experience

“Great company to work for and amazing experiences that exceeds 5 stars! Plenty of work and friendly staff.” – Jennifer

It’s estimated that more than 36% of U.S. workers (59 million people approximately) participate in the gig economy. And why shouldn’t they? The flexibility and variety offered by working gigs is unmatched when working a traditional 9-5. Eclipse is always looking to grow our dedicated team of gig workers – contact us today to get started and find a gig that works for you.

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