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4 Ways Eclipse Can Assist with the Labor Shortage

It’s widely known at this point that various industries around the country are experiencing staff shortages. Airlines, restaurants, and retail stores are just a few examples of the business types that are facing hiring challenges. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 9 million job openings at the end of April and it’s likely that this number has increased as businesses get busier throughout the summer.

Though the labor shortage can be explained by the pandemic, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Workers have had the time to think about what they really want from their employment experience and with so many businesses hiring, they have more options. Common requests we’ve heard in the news include more flexibility, opportunity for growth, and competitive pay.

As 10-year veterans of the staffing industry, Eclipse has seen a lot of trends in the labor market and we understand the seriousness of being under-staffed. By partnering with us to accomplish your hiring goals, we can help you fill open positions that may have been a challenge to fill. Here are 4 ways Eclipse can assist clients with the labor shortage:

Provide flexibility in an employee's schedule Flexibility has become the name of the game for a huge portion of the workforce in the U.S. Workers want the ability to have more freedom in their schedule, whether it’s by working remotely or choosing when (and where) they work.

In Eclipse’s case, our flexible staffing model allows workers to decide what shifts they work. This means they can still have time in their schedule for other things like an additional side gig or passion project. By providing employees with flexibility, you can increase engagement and satisfaction, which in turn increases retention. All of this is great on your bottom line and brand reputation.

Tap into a diverse talent pool Our staffing expertise has allowed us to operate in various industries like security, events/conventions, and janitorial services. This means that we can tap into a talent pool that has diverse, practical skills. As a client looking to fill an open position, you may not know exactly what's required from the ideal employee. Eclipse can help you find the best person for the job, whether it’s someone with the right technical experience or great soft skills.

Bring a consultative approach to your staffing plan If you’re not in-tune with what workers are looking for in their next employer, it may be more challenging to hire the person you need. Whether or not you utilize Eclipse’s staffing services, we can work with you to provide a consultative approach to your hiring plan. This may include suggestions like increasing your pay rates, adjusting language in the job description, or rethinking unnecessary job requirements.

Offer variety that keeps workers engaged We’ve already touched on the importance of employee engagement, but it’s worthwhile to consider how burnout is tied to engagement. When workers are feeling bored or burnt out at work, they’ll be less engaged; and that can lead to them seeking new employment. Eclipse employees are offered variety through our platform because they can choose what positions they work and oftentimes with what client. This ability to choose can keep them more engaged and satisfied with their employment experience.

The labor shortage is having a huge impact on businesses around the country. Though we expect the situation to improve as more people get back to work, we know how stressful it can be. Consider partnering with Eclipse so we can find unique ways to accomplish your staffing goals. Contact us today.

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