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4 Things Security Guards Should Know for Their First Day on the Job

Working in the security industry can be a great opportunity for people who are seeking a stable, rewarding job that has room for career growth. For 10 years, Eclipse has been working with security guards and placing them with clients across central Indiana. That means we know exactly what it takes to be successful in this industry. Below, we cover everything a security guard needs to know for their first day on the job.

What experience is needed and what the responsibilities are

If you’ve already been hired as a security guard, your employer has already decided that you have the right experience for the job. That said, you should still be clear on what the responsibilities are for the position and what’s expected of you. Consider double checking a day or two before you begin work. You can also ask questions about directions, parking, or where to sign in to minimize any confusion before the start of your shift.

Bring a small notepad and pen

It’s important to arrive at work prepared so you can get started right away. In addition to your uniform, it’s smart to bring a small notepad and pen that way you can take notes if needed. If you were given a handbook, we suggest keeping that handy as well. Going out of your way to do these small things can be the difference between a successful shift and an unsuccessful shift – and it'll help you stand out in front of your employer.

Maintain professionalism and a good attitude

This one may go without saying, but you always want to arrive at work – especially on your first day – with a positive attitude. Even though security is a serious industry, a good attitude and an air of professionalism can bring comfort to the people around you in a stressful situation. Tied in with a good attitude is the ability to provide good customer service. As a security guard, you may get non-security related questions or requests if you’re working in a public space. Do your best to accommodate and answer, and it will show your manager you’re willing to go above and beyond.

Be proactive

A security guards' main responsibility is identifying a possible threat before it’s too late. That's why it’s so important to be proactive while on the job. If you identify something of concern, report it to the appropriate person. It's better to be extra careful than not careful enough, especially when you’re first getting started.

One crucial point to remember on your first day as a security guard is that responsibilities may differ depending on your employer. They’ll oversee delegating tasks and getting you started on your shift. If you’ve worked as a security guard before, don’t automatically assume that every employer is the same. Always ask questions if you have them and be prepared whenever possible.

Did you know that Eclipse staffs security guards across central Indiana? We have shifts available, contact us today to get started!

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